Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tree Management Experts

Consulting Arborist
Certified Arborist
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Tree Management Experts is a small consulting company that serves San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area cities.  Roy Leggitt is the company founder and owner, and has been an Arborist for over 25 years.

Most Arborists are missing certain consulting qualifications.  Many have focused their attention on tree service operations (pruning and removing trees), but this is not enough when you need a consultant.  Similarly, consultants often do no have the experience needed to hold a contractor's license, as required to provide pruning specifications.  Tree Management Experts is fully qualified with all proper licenses, certifications and experience to bridge these needs and provide competent consulting services for a wide range of needs.

Scientific Training: Roy holds a Plant Science degree (BS) with an emphasis on Ornamental Horticulture.  He has actively participated in obtaining current knowledge with many years of continuing education and reading of scientific material.

Scientific training has taught Roy to have systematic thinking and to consider information from related disciplines.  Good science requires good judgment, and judgment is the result of education and experience.  With many years working on large and small projects, we are prepared to give you more sophisticated solutions to your tree and horticulture problems.

Hazard Trees: Roy has qualified for certification under the Certified Tree Risk Assessor program, now called the Tree Risk Assessor Qualification or TRAQ program.  The knowledge and skills required for assessment of hazard conditions in trees is enormous, and requires a thorough understanding of tree physiology and a working knowledge of biomechanics.

Value: Although price shopping is useful with products and some services, it may not serve you so well with consulting services.  Our costs and hourly rates reflect the need to maintain certifications, our experience, licenses and insurance.  Lower costs generally mean that you will receive lower efficiency, lower quality results and will be using a less qualified person.  We seek to give you the best value possible for the fees we charge.

Licensed Contractor: So why should a Consulting Arborist be a licensed contractor?  The State of California Contractor's License Board (CSLB) recognizes Tree Service as a specialty service that requires a Contractor's License.  The CSLB requires that a Consultant be a contractor if they provide:

1) Contracted Tree Service
2) Sub-contracted Tree Service
3) Oversight of any Licensed Contractor, Tree Service included
4) Written specifications for any Licensed Contractor
5) Service as an Owner's Representative with a Licensed Contractor

Most Consulting Arborists don't have a Contractor's License for Tree Service and therefore don't have any authority with contractors of any type, nor can they legally provide specifications, direction or oversight of contracted services.

Tree Management Experts maintains a Contractor's License for Tree Service to be able to provide full service consulting services, no questions asked, and we are insured accordingly.

Insurance: The Arborist's role is to provide you with expert advice on managing urban trees.  Trees in urban areas can create substantial liabilities for the property owner.  We are fully insured with General Liability, Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions), Worker's Compensation and Business Auto.  We protect ourselves and we protect you.

Tree Management Experts
3109 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Roy's Cell: (415) 606-3610